A service for all your business writing needs:

copywriting, content strategy & creation, tone of voice, brand personality,

editing & proofreading, translation & localisation,

for digital and/or print

advertisements, websites, brochures and leaflets, product descriptions, direct marketing, academic dissertations, white papers...

The Cat's Got Your Tongue.

FatCopyCat will help you find your voice and build a strong sense of verbal brand identity.

This cat likes FAT copy, which is copy that best expresses you; whether that be playful, punchy or passionate, be the cream of the crop. The CopyCat is also fat with ideas and ways to engage and attract your prospective clients.

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Get Your Words' Worth

We define your unique brand identity through carefully considered verbal strategy.

By creating a distinct tone of voice, we give your company an inimitable personality where style and substance merge.



Be Elegant and Accurate

Make no mistake: careless errors jeopardise credibility! We'll make sure your text is smooth, consistent and stylish. 

Attention to the details reflects your working ethos, so don't let a silly slip trip you up. 


Speak their language

We specialise in translating Spanish and Catalan into English and vice-versa. But ask about other language combinations as we have an extensive network of polyglot linguists that can say what you mean in other words.


Write, Rewrite, Fine-tune

We can write, rewrite or fine-tune. Whether it's a proposal, a brochure, sales copy, an academic dissertation, fiction, non-fiction, legal jargon, you name it, you'll be content with our content.


Words change worlds




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